Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Focus?

Today I am writing to tell you about a new focus this blog will be taking.As you knbow I have gotten into some trouble recently.Well thanks to my new fiance Gospel singer Gracy Lou Freeborn I have a new focus in life.Through Gracey Lou I have a newfound faith in Jesus Christ and together we will use this blog to save those misguided souls out there in internet land.No longer will we be posting blogs about this nonsense,Instead we will be focusing traditional family values,the stock market and current events.Although it wont be all serious .Gracy will have a weekly colum on scrapbooking,not to mention her moving gospel music.Those misguided deviants Sloss and Gladstone are still welcome here, since I have also taken on a new mission to save their souls from a life of sin.So every one please stop by
Sincerly your Pal Puppetboy.
p.s. praise the Lord.