Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kool Toonz The Degrassi Song.

The infamous Degrassi song by Lemon Demon that's been making the rounds on the net.


Jonathan Sloss said...

Mr. Puppet, I apologize for the lack of communication as I have been on the mend stuck in this dire German hospital. It is interesting that you are doing a week dedicated to Degrassi unfortunately my television options are not nearly as pleasant. You have not experienced true horror until you have witnessed The Good Wife dubbed in German. I must go as I am growing concerned with young Ben, he is not answering the phone I fear the worst has transpired.


Rob Bemis said...

Hey Puppetboy,
Fatty Dracula has informed me that the one and only Gil "Shocker on Lakeview" Gershman is on Facebook! You should friend him and perhaps Abba will visit you and you'll get to go in Durhan's secret room.
PS--Saturday August 7th--NYC trip?