Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If Dabney Coleman?

If Dabney Coleman was cast as the Professor in Gilligan's Island in a paralell universe,who would portray the rest of the cast and how would the show differ from the Gilligan's Island we all know and love in our own universe?


Rob Jones for US Congress said...

I once planned to dress up like The Skipper for Halloween, but when the costume shop delivered the costume it was Barbie's little sister, Skipper- not Gilligan Island's Skipper. Boy, was that an awkward night.

Rob Jones For US Congress, he puts the "man" in Congressman!

Rob Bemis said...

Gilligan: Terry Bleed
Skipper: Country the RA
Mr. Howell: Goatman
Mrs. Howell:Cindy Lavey
Maryann:Jenn Nemechek
Ginger: Jodi from Conn Hall
On this version of Gilligan's Island, they would celebrate Pint Night every day and instead of coconuts they would eat wings, patties, and have a wok bar.