Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Fake Jan day everyone!

Hi everyone I've been away for awile.Our season premier has been posponed, more info to follow.
stay well your pal Puppetboy


Jon Sloss said...

Back from the dead or so it seems. Truly, Mr. Puppet are we getting too old for this?
Fake Jan or Real Jan, I don't care all the Brady girls (Mom and Alice included) need a good spanking. I shall don a leather (sic imitation) natzi officers uniform whilst I have them construct card houses and whip them with a riding crop when the cards fall. Meanwhile, in another (dark) room, young Peter Brady will be forced (Clockwork Orange style) to watch disturbing videos of sheep reproducing. Yes, a happy Fake Jan Day, indeed. Now, where are my slippers I'm off to the 24 hour market to purchase some Eastern European pornography.


Tim Kisper said...


Jon Sloss said...

Might, I inquire, to use your vernacular, "Are you in jail, dude?"

Tommy W. said...

Oh, hi. They should have a fake Tommy day. Yeah!

Tim Kisper said...

Lord, protect the soul of our brother and see fit to keep him from evil, Amen. I know I didn't know you much in life but you made me laugh and laughter is a gift from God. Take care where ever you are going, may you finally find peace and happiness.
Your Buddy, Tim