Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creepy and Disturbing

Hello Kids I'm back with a new feature called Creepy and Disturbing featuring videos that are well not for the faint of heart.These guys are even creepier than that Sloss Shower picture, well maybe not that creepy.Anyway were staring things off with the notorious UK kids show character Noseybonk.Warning not for the faint of heart.



Jon Sloss said...

Mr. Puppet what an incredibly phallic video clip, I see you are enjoying gay pride week as well. I absolutely adore the fact that the small envelope he tears open calls the seeds Nosegays. Might I remind you though, that my Man Shower photo (which much to my sorrow was rejected from the Grand Rapids Digital Arts Exhibit) did not feature ANY penises while your video... well speaks for itself.



Well all of the homerotic content was not intended but I can see where you would read this into it.I tataly missed the whole nosegays thing,but a few others on the youtube were quick to point out the phaic symbols.As for the whole gay pride week, well I'm strait but as they say not narrow so live and let live.

Reno Hightower, Van Specialist said...

(This is for the guy at the top) Are you Jon Sloss the world famous artist? Wow, I heard so much about you. I saw your painting of Ronald McDonald being crucified at the Grand Rapids Museum Of Art and thought it was brilliant!

Jon Sloss said...

Mr. Hightower, the van specialist, I feel your praise is actually laced with sarcasm. My crucified Ronald was only ever publicly displayed on my MySpace profile. The Great Lakes Art Show sadly rejected it, shows what they know.


PS: Please keep comments on-topic, this irks Mr. Puppet to no end.