Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who'd Win?, Viral Video Vigalanties

If the "I Like Turtles" kid got in a fight with the Star Wars kid,Who'd Win?


Tim Kisper said...

I have seen that boy on the left in my dreams. I'm driving on a adbandonned stretch of road with a cute gal asleep in the shotgun seat. This boy rides out on a bike and I hit him. He's dead, I'm drunk and I don't want my lady to wake up so I bury him in a shallow grave on the roadside and head home. The next night I wake up from a sound sleep and this boy is standing at the foot of my bed he has the shovel I used to bury him and beats me to death with it, then I wake up in a cold sweat. Scary. The other kid is Jake from 2 and a half men, why's he got that stick?

Tim Kisper said...

Hi pal, do you know any cute ladies that need a date?

Jon Sloss said...

Oh, someone please get Timothy a cold shower or a sex doll at the very least.
Mr. Puppet I see you discovered Jonathan the zombie/turtle boy. Our very own Deboura pushed this upon me, she thinks it's "cute", I for one could care less, but I tell you this-
No Star Trak kid shall every defeat the mighty Jonathan and alas he is undead and has a great many allies in the world's terrapins. Star Trak boy, you lose I'm afraid.


P.S. You should see what Timothy left on my page. We need to speak about him.

Anonymous said...

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