Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Creepy and Disturbing

This week's post comes to you courtesy of YouTube user Cringe Vision.It's a clip from kid's show extrodinaire New Zoo Review,in this video you got Mr.sex pervert, the town drunk(who in a creepy manner says the word "sperm") and some giant headed freaky puppets singing about doin' the nasty.
Mysteriously absent though is Miss GoGo boots and fishnets whom I'd rather hear singing about doin' it than these freaks.Now excuse me while I go vomit.P.S. Mr. Sloss all yiffing refrences are purely coincidental


Tim Kisper said...

I'm digging that song, groovy and that guy with the glasses looks just like my dad. We used to have this kids puppet show on our local TV station back in the 60s and one time the guy visited our school with the puppets I think it was second grade Mrs. Janelin, boy did her hair smell nice and I used to get aroused when she would swat me on the bottom for being naughty. Well the guy brings the puppets in and one was a knight in armor and Arnie Sadler steals it off the table and takes it out in the hall and smashes its head to the four corners of the Earth.

Sometimes I dream,
And it's a crazy dream,
and a have me a magic machine,
that takes me to the stars,
All my boyhood friends are there and lovers lost,
Like the leaves to the frost,
Time is cruel, for we age and we die
And sometimes we don't get to say goodbye,
To those who touched our hearts and souls,
Mothers, Fathers, friends and cherished pets and some we barely met,
Before they were gone.
I'd everything I could pay for one more yesterday,
I'd sit in Mrs. Janelin's class and I'd laugh and laugh,
Not worry about the darkness to come.

Thanks guy, and God bless,
Your internets buddy,

FilmFather said...

Hey there, great blog; found it from a comment you posted somewhere (PlaidStallions?).

That New Zoo Revue clip is creepy for sure, but have you seen this NSFW outtake? It has warped a huge chunk of my childhood memories...

Rob Bemis said...

Did you ever see the episode about plastic ruler awareness?

Jon Sloss said...

Timothy that is a rather inresting story, but I am confused as to why you are serenading Mr. Puppet with you crafty lyrics.

I have seen the clip FilmFather mentions (welcome to our little slice of the internet; but I must warn I am not too family friendly), I would say that Kemet has quite the mouth on him. You may also enjoy this clip:



Rob Bemis said...

Was there ever an episode that warned kids that Carpenter shows it to little boys? Ah booger!