Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who'd Win?,Supernatural Smackdown!

If the Medium got in a fight with the Ghost Whisperer,who'd win?


Rob Bemis said...

Go Medium! Wish I could talk to spirits. That would be sweet. I think she contacted the spirit of Pico Bundy once.

Jon Sloss said...

I would say an insect could defeat that bulimic Jennifer Love Hewitt. Kevin had dragged me to that horrific Garfield film with her, absolutely dreadful. You need not worry yourself as she would never be featured on "Super Spank Thursday" one spank would kill her. The Medium on the other hand looks quite boorish and manly in that photo, perhaps it is the lighting or that cumbersome jacket. Truth be told as one with actual physic powers I find both of these television programs highly offensive and the fact that they now share a network will make my letter writing campaign a much simpler task as well as more cost effective.


Tim Kisper said...

Gals, there's no need to fight, there's enough Tim Kisper to go around. Yuk, yuk.