Monday, November 9, 2009

the return of "Charles Grodin Appreciation Week"

Hey all you hep cats I know things have been slow around here but were back with something a little different from our usual format.This week we return to something from back in our myspace days,putting aside the second week of November to celebrate Charles Grodin Appreciation Week.To start things off we have one of Charles' infamous stints from the Carson Show.Enjoy,


Rob Bemis said...

When will we have the Mike Pellacrappo Appreciation Week? Or the Grady Wilson Appreciation Week? Didn't you once tell me that you saw an episode of Full House where Grady committed some sort of perversion on one of the Olsen twins?


Actually it was D.J. he molested,but I bet that Joey Gladstone was up to something with those twins.There's just something not right about him.
What about the unsung freak?