Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Buddy Cop Show?

One night while scouring the internet I came across this photo of a duo of seventies icons,Paul Williams(Phantom of thePardise/The Muppet Movie) and Lou Farrigno of the Incredible Hulk fame.Upon viewing I felt these two would make a good action/comedy buddy cop duo and i got the Idea for a new show.Due to their vast size differences I've decided to call them Short Stack and Tall Order.This could also relate to restaraunt that they frequent throughout the series.I've decided to set the program in New Orleans cause I feel the Big Easy provides a great backdrop for intrigue and mystery.And also those giant creepy Mardi Gras masks are pretty cool.Maybe the're can be an episode where they go under cover at Mardi Gras featuring a guest appearance by William Shatner as Baacus.Perhaps it can be broadcast on the CW,although that might not work since neither of them are currently dating Peter.Anyway It would feature many car chases and shootouts via the cop shows of the golden age of television the 1970's.


kwainright said...

I'm an administrator for the ultimate Paul Williams fan site and we'd like you to be a member.

Jon Sloss said...

I must say, your little video clip of Paul Willaims trying to drown the Brady boys was both mildly disturbing and erotic but unfortunately I'm not getting a good vibe from this. Now, Paul Willaims and Paul Lynde, that would be sometime to write home about!


Jon Sloss said...

BTW, Kirk send me an e-mail, you run a Paul Willaims fansite so it's a given that you're a fabulous flamin' fag!


Rob Bemis said...

Remember when Felix Unger's daughter was in love with Paul Williams? Could you imagine if Paul Williams did a tour and Taft T. Johnson rolled in on his Rascal and played his little guitar?