Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who'd Win?,Voiceover Vigilanties.

If Ernie Anderson got in a fight with Don Lafontaine, Who'd win?


Jon Sloss said...

I can not say much as I know little of these gents you speak of, but I shall give mild commentary on the photos. First, my God Timothy got old, wouldn't you say? Secondly, that man looks like a date rapist, I'd put a good wager he's got some rophypnol in his trouser pocket, he has Deboura written all over him.

Rob Bemis said...

Don Lafontaine because he looks like Anton LaVey. Did you know that Anton LaVey worked in a Caldor's in Hamden CT and invented the character of Cornholio? The more you know.

Travis Tredwell said...

The was a Devil Worshiper who used to work at a Target store nearby. They fired him for not adhering to their dress code, he sought revenge by writing obscene sayings on all the baby dolls in the doll isle.