Monday, March 15, 2010

Bring a Friend Week, this week at the Puppetboy Show.

This week at the Puppetboy Show we're having bring a friend week, so grab your best (or not so best) bud and bring them along for all the hijinks they can handle.Just make sure you don't bring that Joey Gladstone fellow.


Rob Bemis said...

I'm bringing Jenn D., Jamie Sexton, Mike Pellacrappo, Niamh, Fiona, a small Chinese Man, J.D., Bernie, Karen, Abba, Conn Hall John, Das a Patty, Fatty Dracula, Billy Cool, Clark Kent, Gul Dukat, Captain Pike, Talis, Taft T. Johnson, Joe Mosquito, Winky, Mr. Lavey, Bill Malkavian, Father Court, Dr. Burrows, Sugar Bear, Bleed, Ira, For George, Pico Bundy, and my father's Mentos.

Jon Sloss said...

I find this image absolutely disturbing and that fills me with glee. I imagine Mr. Puppet has something diabolical in mind for this young waif. What does he have in his unseen hand as he sneaks up behind the unsuspecting lass?