Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obscure Series of the Week,Hi Honey I'm Home.

This week on OSOTW we have an oldie from 1990(yes 1990 was a long time ago scary)which was aired ABC then reran on Nick at Nite(before they became crap) later that week as an "instant rerun".The show revolved around the Nielson(No retation to Kelsi)family a 1950's sitcom family transported to the 90's as part of the SLC(sitcom relocation program), where they moved in next door to a Rosannesque single parent modern family.Ironicly Nick at Nite later aired Rosanne, alot of Rosanne fifty freakin episodes a night, wedged between seventy five episodes of the Cosby show, kinda like trhey do now with George Lopez and the Nanny,show the same damn episodes over and over.and dont even get me started on that stupid dentist show.Well at least they aren't showing reality show like their sister network TV land, whoevers idea that was is SCUM!!!!!!anyway here is the show enjoy
Well at least their no Reality show relocation program!


Travis Tredwell said...

One time me and my Mom went down to Milwaukee to see the Fonzie statue. I touched it and got "relocated" into a Happy days rerun. I figured I should capitalize on my predicament and go to a toy store purchase all the old toys and have Western Union send them to me in the present ala Marty McFly in BTTF 2. Unfortunately Tom Hanks in a Karate suit showed up to beat up Fonzie and I got caught in the middle until Mork From Ork showed up and brought me back to present day Milwaukee. Where Joe Flarety was waiting with a giant Western Union box which a Karate Suit wearing Tom Hanks jumped out and beat me up. While this was all going on my Mom shacked up with some greasy trucker from Green Bay so I had to call Uncle Rudy to come pick me up and he robbed Joe Flarety and Tom Hanks.

Rob Bemis said...

TV Land is a damn disgrace and those awards are bogus. The fact that Esther from Sanford and Son hasn't been honored totally sucks rope. They never show the episode of All in the Family where Archie calls the operator and says he's Cobra Commander and inquires about the marital relations between Mike and Gloria.