Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obscure Series of the Week

For the return of an old favorite(or actually not so favorite,everyone seemed to ignore these posts
over at the myspace)we have Rober Blake's short lived,I mean really short lived 1985 series
Hell Town.In it Blake played Noah "Hardstep" Rivers,
a Catholic priest at a church in a crime-ridden neighborhood on the east side of
Los Angeles(Think "Father Dowling Mysterys" with drugs booze and hookers).
The series also feated Whitman"Grady" Mayo and a hip jazzy theme by former Ratpacker and Cannonball
Run star Sammy Davis Jr.For some reason the show just didn't last.Perhaps it was the Priest
Show curse(more on this later).After only a few episodes the last episode aired on Dececember 25th 1985.



Wanda Gimble said...

I used to love Father Downing, never heard of this show, though. How about Father Ted?

Oh, that weird John Sloss guy sent me here by the way.

Jon Sloss said...

"weird John Sloss guy"?

Reno Hightower, Van Specialist said...

Great Goobily Goo!