Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obscure Series of the Week,Rags to Riches.

(R)In this short lived 1980's T.V. series set in the early sixties Joseph Bolonga, whoever the hell he is,played Nick Foley(not the wrestler),a millionaire playboy,sans batsuit and crime fighting equiptment. In order to obtain a more family man image,Foley adopted 6 orphan girls one of them being future Just the Ten of Us star and hideous mutant freak Heidi Zeigler.Rounding out the cast was Clapper the butler.Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the series was cancelled in it's second season, and rarely rerun.In short think Annie with more girls and an even creepier Daddy Warbucks.


Mike and his sexy new laptop said...

Remember when we went to the flea market and all that glass crap went flying when the wind blew? Also, remember when they wanted to kick your ass because you were laughing and screaming "Sucks to be you"?

Yeah, that was pretty kick ass.

Kurtis Slay said...

Yo, shut the fuck up!-

Chuck Negron said...

One time me and Joseph Bolonga went hunting John Casavettes on his private game ranch. Real dangerous prey, big league stuff. Well this Greenpeace activist chains himself to the bumper of our hunting jeep, real scruffy hippy looking guy. So Casvettes goes up to him and punches him, bam! Right on the jaw fucker goes down. Man, those were some wild times.