Monday, August 3, 2009

If someone on Melrose place got hurt,

How would they get hurt.


Jon Sloss said...

Perhaps a rouge biker gang could roll into Shooters and sodomize Jake with a pool stick.
BTW, did you see the grave injustice People Magazine did to The Screech? I had been anticipating this issue for some time and they go and airbrush him out of the original photo, hooligans! Hooligans, I say!


Chuck Negron said...

One time me and Robert Preston broke onto the Melrose Place set, real big time sneaking around kind of stuff and we hid out in Heather Locklear's dressing room. Well, in walks Aaron Spelling and Preston Bam! punches him right in the fucking mouth. Man, those were some wild times.

Phil said...

Chuck, why the hell do you always tell stories about someone punching someone else in the face? Hmm, I would like to punch Mike in the face.