Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another tragedy is upon us!

It is certenly a dark time here at the Puppetboyshow. First Gracey Lou leaves us now Sitcom superstar/pop culture icon Gary Coleman has left us.As you all know we here at the Puppetboy Show absolutuley adore if not outright worship all things pop culture and classic T.V. related, so Mr. Colemans departure was a sad event based on this alone but add to this his place in the Puppetboy Show's history and it makes the event even more tragic.As some of you may or may not remember back in our Myspace days, Mr. Coleman was a participant in the Puppetboy Show's first ever blog.
So as a tribute to him we are reposting it here in his honor.So here it is

"If Gary Coleman got in a fight with Ricky Schroder, Who'd Win?"


Rob Bemis said...

Gordon Jump would be a good referee for that fight. The winner would get to play Tarzan in the shower.

Mary T. said...

When I heard poor Gary died, I knew I should look up that Puppetguy show blog because you love to exploit a tragedy! This is how you honor his memory?


Sloss she's all yours!

Jon Sloss said...

Gary: "Hey Ricky, it's hot your Mom's Erin Grey."

Ricky: "You mean my TV stepmom, and it's Rick not Ricky, I used to play opposite Dennis Franz, so I had to man-up."

Gary: "Yeah, so why's she dressing us up in furry teddy bear suits?"

Ricky: "It's her thing, she's really into the underground avant guard sex scene."

Dennis Franz: "My furry bear suit itches."

Joey Gladstone said...

I shoulda run this turkey over when I had the chance.