Friday, October 1, 2010


Were back for our new fall season.Sorry about th edelay but I had some buisness to attend to out in L.A. with Olesya.While I was gone Buster held down the fort I hope he didn't mess things up too much.Hope you all like the new look.For those of you just joining us let me recap last season.First we had the whole Gracey Lou situation,which lead to the Demon Bus sagaThe Demon Bus which was driven by Joey Gladstone and the S"loss Life's" Gappo was finally stopped by Cyborg Ed Begley Jr.Gappo survived unscathed and Mr. Gladstone is presumed dead although his body was never recovered so who knows.Cyborg Ed Begley Jr.Survived but was badly damaged.Next was Degrassi Week which didn't go over to well,although when I had the Chineese spammers text translated they turned out to be requests for pictures of Holly J. Sinclair in a school girl's uniform.Then came the attacks by Javi the Troll, he seemed to dissapear.Anyway on to this season.We've got alot of cool stuff coming up.Returning as regular features are old favorites,Who'd Win?,Beard of the Week and Who would you rather look at while you were eating.Creepy and Disturbing as well as a retooled version of Obscure Series of the Week may return as semi-regular features.Also we have a brand new surprise regular feature coming up.We will also have some ongoing storylines in the vein of last years Demon Bus Saga., as well as a few odds and ends here and there.I will post the new schedule later this weekend,so stay tuned.
Your Pal Puppetboy

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Rob Bemis said...

Welcome back! Is it true someone left a half eaten pie in front of your door with "For Puppetboy" written on it?