Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy and Disturbing.

Just in time for Halloween we have the return of creepy and disturbing.As many of you long time followers may remeber, our first ever Creepy and Disturbing featured a rather unusual character named Mr. Noseybonk from U.k. kids show Jigsaw.Since then i have been eagely searching for more Noseybonk footage but all I was albe to find were fanmade videos portraying him as some sort of demonic figure or serial killer.Being "intentionally creepy" made these videos less creepy than the true Noseybonk.After months of searcing though i finally found another official Noseybonk video this time longer and more elaborite than the first.Enjoy,or run in terror.


Rob Bemis said...

OK Mr. Noseybonk is creepy but when are you going to do a post on Puff of Shit, Nornie, Bitch, Piss, and Mr. Fuckle?

J. Fred Muggs said...

Keep up the fight, true believer.