Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Charles Grodin Week,filling in for Charles Grodin is Fred Willard.

Yes boys and girls it's that time of year again here at the Puppetboy Show.But this year our good friend Charles couldn't make it due to some injuries he sustianed from last years "Demon Bus" incident, and you know what they say,the show must go on.So filling in for him this year is actor/commedian and all around good guy Fred Willard.So stay Tuned!


nickelodeon Doug said...

This makes no sense wouldn't this juet be fred wilard week

Mr. Noseybonk said...

I'm coming to get you

Jon Sloss said...

Mr. Doug, It is Charles Grodin week (a yearly event at the Puppetboy Show), but alas Mr. Grodin can not make it due to events which transpired earlier this year, see
So Fred Willard is guest hosting for him. Also if you do actually have involvement with Nickelodeon can you do something about Jerry Trainor? A staged on set accident perhaps? I particularly loathe him and can not enjoy your network and the skankalicious Victorious because of him.