Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ben Matlock hired to represent Dabney Coleman!

As soon as our dear friend Mr. Coleman was wisked away to jail I called the best lawyer I knew,Ben Matlock.I explained the situation and right away he agreed to help being that he was afan of Mr. Coleman in such movies as Wargames and 9to5,and also beacuse he knew that Mr.colman who is such an upstanding citezen would never do such a thing.As soon asMr.Matlock flew into New York from Atlanta along with his private investigator Tyler Hudson,the three of us went to the seen of the crime in the Meatpacking district to search fo clues.When we arrived we were greeted by N.Y. CSI agent Mac Taylor were was investigating the scene.When we arrived we told him who we were and he agreed to help being that he too was a fan of Mr. Coleman.We found the usual clues, no fingerprints though, but the one thing that really stuck out was a green piece of fiber, since there was no green in the alleged Mr. Colemans pirate costume.what could the mean.In other news Judge Judy will be presiding over the case.

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