Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Details on Dabney Coleman's arrest!

I've recently recieved more details on the arrest of Puppetboy Show star Dabney Coleman.It seems several days ago two oyung girls,Holly J. Sinclair and Fiona Coyne both students of Toronto's Degrassi Community School were both kidnapped while dining at the Waverly Sub Station,a sandwhich shop in New York's Tribecca district.It seems both girls were grabbed and thrown into a van by a mysterious man wearing a Kurt Fuller Halloween mask.the van sped away but police quickly tracked it down to an abandoned warehouse in the Meatpacking District.When poice entered the warehouse they found Ms. Sincliar and Ms. Coyne bound and gagged and dressed in cheerleader outfits.standing in front of them was a man resembling Mr. Coleman wearing a pirate costume and brandishing a plastic ruler,He was claing to be Mr. colean and said he needed to punish these naughty girls, as he put it.The police were able to rescue the two girls but the man got away.Strangley his ever present Anamatronic Matthew McConouhey head on a long silver pole was nowhere to be seen.

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