Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dabney Coleman's Trial today!

It was pandemoneum in the courtroom.One could say it was a regular Kangaroo court(with all apologies to Pippa McKenna).Judge Judy was extra bitchy sitting upon the bench.The Jury heard both sides and Mr. Matlock was doing his best, but without any evidence he had nothing to save Mr.Coleman's neck.Luckily Mr. taylor and i were back at the lab testing the piece of green fiber.It turns out that it came from a material used by a company which produced adult sized cartoon character themed novelty pajamas,and this particular shade of green was used on their Ninja Turtle pajamas.This could only mean that one man was behind this,Joey Gladstone.It would make more sense considering he was involved in another kidnapping of Ms. Sinclair earlier this tha twe had the evidence we needed to get it to the courthouse in time so we called in the only one we knew was up to the task the Puppetboy Show's own superhero, Cyborg Ed Begley Jr.Cyborg Begley rushed into the courtroom with the evidence and Dabney's Matthew McConouhey head on a long siver pole, in the nick of Dabney was about to be pronounced guilty begley presented the evidence to Judge Judy and she overturned the sentencing.But then a mysterious bearded man emerged from the back of the courtroom and pulled off a fake beard to reveal himself as none other than Joey Gladstone.Mr.Gladstone explained that he framed Dabney because he stold his status as the Puppetboy Show's breakout character.Then joey gladstone pulled out a gun and shot it at Mr. Coleman,but in the blink of an eye Cyborg Ed jumped in front of Mr. Gladstone and caught the bullet in his teeth at the same time he threw the Animatronic Matthew McConouhey Head on a liong silver pole to Dabney who activated the Pincers of Peril feature and shot the teeth out getting Mr. Gladstone in his private parts.Dabney Coleman was then presumed innocent and Joey Gladstone was arrested.Ms. CSinclair and Coyne apologised to Mr. coleman and invited everyone out for lunch at the Waverly Sub Station.

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