Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creepy and Disturbing

This week on Creepy and Disturbing we got a live action Simpsons parody from a bizzare Spanish T.V. show(as if there are any normal Spanish T.V. shows)I must warn you this is really creepy stuff.I don't know if it's the yellow skin or the large unblinking eyes or the fact that Marge is played by a dude.Anyway enjoy or run in terror


Rob Bemis said...

I can't take it; it's too weird. Oh wait, that was The Critic. This video reminds me of Married with Hormones for some reason.

Jon Sloss said...

I don't know what it is but I want to tap that "Marge" so bad. Yes, I know it is really a man(your point?). Just those bare yellow shoulders in that slinky green dress. And the eyes! Oh, yes, the eyes!


Travis Tredwell said...

You are sick Mr. Sloss. I find this video horrible and unwatchable. I once possessed a massive collection of Playmates Toys, The Simpson's Talking Action Figures complete with playsets but had to sell them on Ebay when I crashed my Mom's car into Mrs. Rothchild's front porch. It only paid for a portion of the damages.

Jon Sloss said...

I once possessed a tubby little boy-toy which I enjoyed much fun corn holing. Alas, I had to sell him on the Ebay when I backed over Coleman's Grandmother's cat in the Jon Sloss Art Gallery van. Pumas can be quite costly. If I ever take another trip to Viet-Nam perhaps I shall purchase another. Boy-toy, that is not Puma.