Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creepy and Disturbing.

This week on C&D Michael Jackson(with a little bit of Milli Vannili) lookalike Dion Mial and his special little friend Gary(Whatchu Talknbout Willis) Coleman perform the (c)rap classic "The Outlaw and the Indian" on the"Wil Shriner ShowNow Wil Shriner alone would've been creepy enough yet trow in these two and you got the most agonizing Danny Cooksey-less moment of Eighties T.V. ever.Not oly is something not right about the fact that this grown man is hanging out with this little dude,but the fact that the're playing cowboy just ups the creepiness factor.


Rob Bemis said...

These clips are all well and good but until you spotlight Tampon Man this is as helpful as throwing fishsticks out of a moving car and getting them stuck on the back windshield

Travis Tredwell said...

I find the fact that that John Sloss guy is allowed on the internet is the most creepy and disturbing thing of all.