Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obscure Series of the Week, The Charmings.

The Charmings was one of those crappy ABC late eighties p.o.s. shows(although compared to todays reality crap it's a freakin masterpiece)that aired during their TGIF lineup.The Seiers ran from March 87 to Febuary 88.It centered around fairy tale characters Snow White and Prince Charming along with their kids transpoted to 1980's california.throw in a Dwarf(only one this time), the afore mentioned stepmother and a magic mirror played by Star Trek notable Paul Winfield without a bug in his ear,and you got yourself one crappy late eitgies T.V. show.Fortunately for us all the series was cancelled when ABC moved it from their popular Joey Gladsone haunt TGIF and moved it to thursday oppposite that Jello pudding pop guy.Although they had plenty of secend rate programming to replace it.

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Rob Bemis said...

Great post. You need to do a retrospective for The Sanford Arms, The Redd Foxx Variety Show (co-starring Rollo and Ray Jay Johnson), Sanford, The Royal Family, The Redd Foxx Show, and the Grady spin-off. Redd was also on The Brady Bunch Hour (a Puppetboy fav), The Sonny and Cher Show, The Captain and Tennille Show and The Jimmy Carter Inaugural Gala