Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obscure series of the week the Fitzpatricks

This week on OSotW we have anoter family show but instead of an 80's cheeseball sitcom this time we have a more mellow 70's family drama The Fitzpatricks(No relation to Maddie) was a short lived series which ran on CBS during the 1977-78 season.
The Fitzpatricks were an Irish Catholic family of six who lived in Flint, Michigan.
Mike Fitzpatrick (Bert Kramer) was a steelworker who often worked overtime to provide a life for the family; while his pregnant wife,(Whom I assume was knocked up through the entire series since it was so short lived.)Maggie (Mariclare Costello) also worked part time at a diner as a waitress to help with the family's income. They had four children 2 sons, Sean (Clark Brandon)and Jack (Jimmy McNichol Kristies Brother); only daughter Maureen nicknamed Mo (Michele Tobin) and youngest son, Max (Sean Marshall).The family also had a dog, named Detroit. Rounding out the cast was R.J. (Rodney allen Rippey clone Derek Wells),who was Max's best friend. A young Helen Hunt(long before she was fighting Trancers or was Mad aout anything) played neighbor, Kerry Gerardi a friend of Mo's,

This show lasted only thirteen episodes, and was cancelled in 1978,which I'm not surprised since it seemed kinda dull maybe they could of spiced it up a bit by adding a new cast member like Rip Taylor as the semi-retarded uncle Zeke whom they kept locked in the attic.Or they could've had the Fitzpacktricks battling aliens or zombies ,Yeah Zombies that sounds cool.Anyway enjoy!

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Jon Sloss said...

Yawn, that was indeed lackluster, I can see why it failed. It is a totally unbelievable premise for a sitcom after all, these people are from Flint? My God, man, they are the wrong color.