Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creepy and Disturbing

This week on C&D we have a commercial strait out of the Uncanny Valley featuring a very Zombie-Like CGI recreation of former Who'd Win? contender Orville Redenbacher.Here Orville or Mr.R as I'm sure some folk call him makes his first Posthumous appeance due to some Jar-Jar Binks-Like(gee there's a new adjective) special effects.And man is it freakin' creepy although this should not come as much of a surprise since the real Orville Redenbacher is creepy enough.I don't know who in their right mind would think this would make people run out and buy popcorn, Anyway enjoy.


Jon Sloss said...

I believe this is a rubber mask/make up applices. There was a fellow at the Milwaukee Furfest similar to this. My question is where is his monkey-love Gorillia you had him pictured with some years ago.
Yes, we are getting old, Mr. Puppet.


Rob Bemis said...

SCSU is using the same technology to bring back Dr. Burrows and George for a benefit for Talis.

Travis Tredwell said...

Mmmm, popcorn.

Jon Sloss said...

No Tubby, no popcorn for you I'm afraid.